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On many occasions Poole Paving has gone above and beyond the normal scope of work for parking lot overlays. They also have done concrete work along with parking lot seal and stripping. I will continue to use them in our bid process and look forward to a continued relationship for years to come.


Billy Harrington


Raleigh, NC

Concrete Paving

World-Class Paving from Trusted Local Professionals

For ruggedness, uniform load distribution, and long-term durability, nothing beats concrete. It's made to stand up to the punishing weight of trucks and heavy equipment for the long haul. But to ensure the natural life expectancy of your concrete pavement isn't cut short, you need a paving contractor who's up to the job.


The Concrete Paving Contractor of Choice

We have the next-generation equipment and extensive experience with local paving conditions to optimize the grading and drainage of your worksite and install a base layer that will maximize your pavement's lifespan and performance. And you can count on our up-to-the-minute knowledge and cutting-edge concrete technologies for on-time delivery of a finished product that exceeds your expectations. When you add our customer-centric attitude and affordable pricing to mix, the case for hiring Poole Paving is as solid as concrete.


For concrete paving that goes the distance, contact Poole Paving now.


Serving Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill & Wilmington, NC since the 1980's.

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